Have your residents fill in the blank. Place a poker chip over the correct bingo space. Once they have four in a row they get a prize. Continue until the entire card is covered.

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Shelly 20th Feb 2023 Volunteer
I volunteer as a Bingo caller on Sundays where my Mom lives (assisted living). The residents really like this one! They have fun filling in the phrase and it makes them think a little. The only one that gives us pause is the "Blow your own trumpet" expression -- everyone thinks that should be "horn".
Talita 20th Feb 2023
Ha, that's funny! Upon further research, it seems like 'trumpet' is used in British English and 'horn' in American English. You could always press the 'Make a Copy' button and edit this line to suit! Or perhaps the discussion it generates is worthwhile : )
Thanks so much for your feedback Shelly!
Susan 21st Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Shelley
It’s great that you volunteer. I’m sure you are a big help.
Lorraine 7th Feb 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director
Being "budget challenged", I made a new list incorporating many of those here, plus a bunch more that are easily drawn by hand (even by me, and that's saying something!! :-D )

I'm working with a 4 x 5 bingo card (therefore 20 spaces) and hand-drawing a bunch of bingo cards whilst I do evening shifts and there isn't too much to do (baring emergencies!).

Julie 14th Sep 2022 récréologue
What a great way to incorporate language memory into a bingo game!
I love that there are slides as well.
George 4th Sep 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator
Love this idea! Thank you Sarah :)