A fun PowerPoint quiz all your residents will enjoy.

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Linda 27th Oct 2021 Activities Coordinator
I love this idea, and I have an inkling the residents will too. Feedback from residents is 'quizzes are too short and have too few picture rounds. This is spot on, well done.
Thanks a million for sharing.
Darla 23rd Aug 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager
These are wonderful! and a modern idea.
Years ago, I made a Famous Faces BIO booklet. In a page protector, color Photo on front, short bio on back. The more info I read, the more likely Residents are able to ID the person.
I like that it is on the big screen. My laptop will hook into the big screen TV with an HDMI cable, and the residents can see the power point presentation better.

If you don't mind, I would still have a few short words for each power point picture to assist Residents in guessing the location or the person.

What a wonderful cognitive and reminiscing exercise in one!
Talita 18th Aug 2021
Thanks for sharing another great quiz Chris!