The residents loved the remembering Judy Garland powerpoint presentation and asked if there was one on Shirley Temple.  I made one and thought I would submit it as these create great discussion and reminiscing.

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Francois 22nd Sep 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator (Bella Vista Gardens)
Thank you for sharing this. I love it.
Talita 23rd Sep 2019
Thanks for your feedback Francois
Tracy 2nd Aug 2019 Activity Co-ordinator
This is great thank you the Judy Garland one went down really well with my residents.
Thank you Sally
Jenny 16th Jul 2019 Centre Programs Coordinator
Thanks Sally. I love this (shows my age) and I have no doubt our people will too
Susan 13th Jul 2019 Activity Director
I agree this is something great to share with your residents
It would be especially fun to do in April when she was born
Double thank you
Talita 12th Jul 2019
This is a wonderful activity Sally, thanks so much for sharing! Who doesn't love Shirley Temple!