Residents Auction

Residents Auction

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Krysta 20th Apr 2018 Recreation Therapist
We had an auction recently and it was a big hit. We had lots to auction and an auctioneer that our residents knew for a long time. Some residents just wanted to watch and as one lady said "keep a chair warm". We had a concession served after the auction was over. It is an event we will do again.
Ayesha 16th Apr 2016 Leisure and Lifestyle Officer
It was a great success at our facility. Thanks for the awesome idea.
Ngatupuna 14th May 2014 Activities co-ordinator
T hanks using pretend money is a clever idea.
This sounds great, did you use a real or rubber auctioneers gavel?
talita 23rd Oct 2013
Thanks Jillian, this sounds like a great idea!
Jillian 20th Oct 2013 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator
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