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Rhyming Riddles #11

All answers rhyme with the word COAT

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1. Statement of likely cost Answer
2. Remedy for a poison Answer
3. Swell up Answer
4. Transportation for water Answer
5. Not sinking Answer
6. Amusing short story Answer
7. Past tense of write Answer
8. A short letter Answer
9. Front of the neck Answer
10. Participate in an election Answer
11. Reduce in rank Answer
12. A type of farm animal Answer
13. Far away from anything else Answer
14. Shower with love Answer
15. Type of bag Answer
16. Protection for a castle Answer
17. Common grain Answer
18. Incorrectly say what someone else said Answer
19. Spend time one Answer
20. Brag about winning Answer

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Lisa 18th Sep 2018 Activities for Seniors
Thank you for this riddle!
Talita 23rd Sep 2018
Thanks for your support as al ways Lisa x
No Avatar