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Cecilia 30th Sep 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I did this activity with our residents and it was a lot of fun for them. they made their own sandwich with what ever topping they wanted, but the thing is, no matter what, some just want peanut butter & jelly. Some of the residents were creative but all in all they had fun.
I also included a game, and a glass of juice.
Talita 3rd Oct 2022
Thanks so much for your feedback Cecilia!
Sally 19th Oct 2015 Activities Coordinator
Maureen this sounds like a great activity. You are very fortunate to have weekend activities.
Maureen 4th Nov 2013
I did this activity with the dementia residents on Sunday. We talked about school lunches in brown paper bags and our favourite fillings. We ate our sandwiches with a cup of tea Very enjoyable. Maureen.