Some more funny short stories to share!

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Susan 20th Apr 2020 Activity Director
HI again Gwyneth
You are such a wonderful person doing all this volunteering
If you really are looking to help others I am sure long-term care facilities would love for you to call some of the residents on the telephone or perhaps do some other virtual interactions
Such as those suggested in this article
Thank you again for all you do
I am sure you have made a difference in many peoples lives
Gwyneth 19th Apr 2020 Volunteer
Thank you Susan, being a volunteer for over 30 years, and in my late 80's, and still volunteering, although at the moment the Day Care where I do my volunteering is closed for further notice, I have so much to offer, and no where to do it so a big thank you to Golden Carers for allowing me to do the things I love and also helping me through the lock down. It is a wonderful website, I am glad I found it. Take care Gwyneth
Susan 13th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for sharing
You are a wonderful person sharing so many things with us