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Anne 14th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator
We love the riddles .... Keep them coming !!!
Ria 29th Aug 2018 Leisure and Health
During our morning tea our residents thoroughly enjoyed the riddles. Hope to see more riddles on this site. Thank you
Talita 3rd Sep 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Ria, more coming soon!
Auriel 9th Apr 2018 RAO
Excellent activity. Residents loved it...lots of laughter
Talita 14th Apr 2018
Thanks for the feedback Auriel, much appreciated!
Megan 7th Mar 2018 Therapy Assistant
Love it :) thankyou. Quiz afternoon and newspaper reading (cognitive afternoon) with afternoon tea. Thank you.
Talita 10th Mar 2018
Thanks for your feedback Megan. Sounds like a lovely afternoon!