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Maureen 15th Aug 2020 Personal Carer
Bottle top can be glue together to make a container to hold item around your rooms as remote controls, nick nacks, put on sinks for plug and spongers and tooth paste and brushes
Susan 15th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for this information Maureen
Addington 5th Sep 2018 Activities Coordinator
We use them as well when we play bingo
Yamilee 2nd Aug 2018 Speech Language Pathologist
I can't wait to try this activity. I like the fact that it does not require much cognitive effort.
Maureen 19th Jul 2018 activities officier
This is a very good activity and can also be used with poker chips. The milk bottle caps are also good when you have 10caps and the tops of the bottle (just under the screw on part) glued to a board so that residents can twist the tops back on the bottles, can put a dob of colour to match each different coloured cap.