Stained Glass Window Christmas Decorations

Stained Glass Window Christmas Decorations

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Susan 24th Dec 2014 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator
We loved making these. Thankyou so much for sharing.
Shirley 24th Nov 2012 Recreation Officer
The residents and I enjoyed making these windows - darker colours worked well: red, brown, green and even black - thankyou - Shirley NSW.
Kate 1st Sep 2011
This also works well with a piece of clear contact and various shapes and colours of cellophane, can be a bit sticky but ther results are stunning
Dianne 10th Nov 2010 Recreation officer
I like the look of this one. Will have to try it. You could probably cut out some shapes into the cardboard/paper and put coloured cellophane behind the shapes. More work but would probably work too.

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