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The Green Quiz

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1. The celebration of which saint is linked to the color green? Answer
2. According to folklor, what happens if you don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day? Answer
3. Name a "green" children's book written by Dr. Seuss Answer
4. What two primary colors can be mixed together to make the color green? Answer
5. What is the title of the tales of a red-haired orphan written by L.M. Montgomery? Answer
6. What famous comic book hero’s powers were ineffective against the color yellow? Answer
7. Name an emotion associated with the color green Answer
8. Name a popular asian beverage Answer
9. Why is green used for military field uniforms? Answer
10. What is a popular nickname for someone who works well with plants? Answer
11. What kind of people are refered to as green around the gills? Answer
12. Which country's currency is often referred to using the slang term "greenback"? Answer
13. What is the name of the pigment in green plants that gives them their colour? Answer
14. Which nuts are green inside their shells? Answer
15. List the names of three green vegetables Answer
16. What does it mean 'to give the green light'? Answer
17. Name a green gemstone Answer
18. What does it mean when you say 'the grass is always green on the other side'? Answer
19. Greenland is considered part of which continent? Answer
20. What is a green room in show business? Answer

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