¡Una revista que recuerda todos los días de enero! Disfrute de una página completa de información acerca de cada día del año, incluyendo eventos históricos importantes, breves biografías de famosos, chistes, frases célebres y adivinanzas divertidas.

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Jess 7th Jan 2021 Support Group Leader
I am so so happy to have found some content in Espanol!
I work with spanish speaking Seniors, and i often try to translate things/activities for them myself. This makes it a breeze and makes me so happy that i can show it to them in their language.
You guys are the best!
Talita 11th Jan 2021
Thank you so much for your feedback Jess, this is wonderful to hear! All the best! x
Frances 4th Jan 2021 Acctivities Coordinator
hi i would just like to say i was happy to see Spanish version on your page as we have a
Spanish gentleman who lives in our home and we felt he was missing out on the daily news.
really enjoying handing the quizzes out every day.
thanks again for you commitment and the resources.
Frances activities coordinator James Dixon court
Susan 5th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for your kind words Frances