A reminiscing magazine for every day in October! Enjoy the next edition of the popular 'This Day in History' series with historical trivia, jokes, quotes and biographies!

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Zorinah 3rd Oct 2021 Diversional Therapist
This site is an absolute God Send. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible wealth of information you provide. You have saved me hours a week and literally changed my life, I look forward to exploring all you have to offer and think this site is worth every cent, massive thank you to the founders, you can see where your heart is - everything is of an excellent standard and I love the opportunity you have provided for us all to connect and share ideas. Simply Amazing.
Talita 8th Oct 2021
Thank you so very much for your feedback Zorinah, this means so much to us. All the very best x
Jane 22nd Oct 2020 Day Service Supervisor
I am absolutely thrilled to have found this site and my colleagues and I use the resources daily.
I have noticed on two pages this month - talking about Roger Moore and Joan Fontaine - they were described as "Fashion Designers" rather than actors. Obviously a massive amount of work goes into these so its easily crossed out - but thought you would like to know.
Congratulations on building a site that just keeps on giving!!
Talita 23rd Oct 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Jane! The error has been corrected, thank you for letting us know. All the best!
Robert 2nd Oct 2020 Activity Director
I love this! Thank you so much! Golden Carers is awesome!!!
Talita 4th Oct 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Robert, much appreciated!
Ann 30th Sep 2020 Lifestyle & Well-being Assistant
I love Golden Carers. Thanks so much for ALL the different types of information and activities on this site - it's proven invaluable.
Talita 4th Oct 2020
Thank so much Ann!
Jean 3rd Sep 2020 Activities Coordinator
Thank you for another month.
Talita 14th Sep 2020
Thank you Jean!
kay 29th Aug 2019
some very interesting stories and news items good to know and see if you know any of them
Talita 2nd Sep 2019
Thanks for your feedback Kay!
Kim 29th Sep 2018 Diversional Therapist
I have found some great ideas from your site it is extrememly helpful. Diversional therapist have to think on their feet a lot and be adaptive to situation this resource always provides quick options! I forward and print resources for the month ahead and find helpful when planning the Activty calendar!
Talita 30th Sep 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Kim, it means so much to us! x