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Mallory 12th Jun 2020 Director of Elements
Can you fix this quiz so all of the answers print on page 2, please?
Talita 12th Jun 2020
Fixed! Thanks for pointing this out Mallory!
Talita 20th May 2018
Thanks Maude! Much appreciated!
Maude 17th May 2018 Activity Co-ordinator
Great Quizz! Thanks so much for all the ideas! (from Ireland where my residents LOVE quizzes)!
Talita 2nd May 2018
Thanks for your feedback Natalie, we appreciate it so much and will most definitely put together some more true and false quizzes n the next few weeks! Thanks again.
Natalie 1st May 2018 Owner/Director
I love all the great ideas this site provides. We especially love the true and false activities which work very well for our dementia clients at our Adult Day Center.
Natalie Lemke, Owner/Administrator of Sea Breeze Adult Day Center.
Talita 30th Apr 2018
Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know what you're enjoying on the site Lisa! It helps us plan future content!
Lisa 30th Apr 2018 Activities for Seniors
Once again, THANK YOU for the quiz's My people enjoy these very much; it challenges their brain!