Are the statements in this quiz true or false?

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Lorraine 6th May 2019 Retired/currently Volunteering At Facility: Bible Stories & Senior Activities
Thanks! We volunteer with Bible lessons and "fun activities" at a
memory care facility. As we see the changes in residents we can adjust our activities. This true/false activity is very manageable and they can simply write "T" or "F" after each statement.

We also like the quizzes that you've created. I just printed up the USA Quiz. And this activity works well as an oral quiz! It gets the residents thinking, discussing, and sometimes disagreeing with each other. We will be using them tomorrow and I am excited!
Kerry 27th Apr 2019 Recreational Coordinater
True & False Quiz is such a great idea
I have actually modified it l little & made "lamented cards" each residents has with "True" or "False" to display when question is asked & I take score of each resident.
I have found in many quiz games many residents depend on others to answer questions & the cards have made totally gives them "Independents & Confidence" of decision making & keeps them more alert
Thanks for the great idea
Kerry Towler

Talita 29th Apr 2019
I love this Kerry, what a great idea with the laminated cards!