A fun quiz for seniors that leads to discussion and reminiscing!

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Tessa 2nd Nov 2021 Director Of Social Services
thank you for new ideas
Talita 6th Nov 2021
Thanks for your feedback Tessa
Shadi 15th Apr 2021 Recreation Aid
Thanks, I am looking forward to try it our with my res .
Raylene 26th May 2020
Thank you for some new ideas for the aged care I work in.
Talita 1st Jun 2020
Thanks for your feedback Raylene. All the best!
Nicholas 14th Nov 2018 Health Care Assistant
These are brilliant for first thing in the am, it get them imtrested in ways next.
Lisa 7th Nov 2018 Activities for Seniors
I tried these out today and they LOVED THEM! MADE THEM FEEL SMART!

Lisa 4th Nov 2018 Activities for Seniors
I'm looking forward to doing this with my residents.