What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

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These are original scenarios I made up. My residents love a good discussion!
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My residents love a good discussion.  After working our way through the What Would You Do questions I had purchased, I made up some of my own.

1.  At church during offering, you notice a younger man dip his hand into the offering plate and remove a handful of bills.  No-one but you noticed.  What would you do?

2.  You see a dog tied to a sign outside a store.  It is a very hot day and the dog has no water or shade.  You can see that the dog is in some distress.  What would you do? 
Try to find the owner?  Get the dog some water? Call the police?

3.  You are pulling out of your driveway when you see your next door neighbor pulling out as well.  However in doing so, your next door neighbor nicks a car parked on the street and leaves without looking for damage.  As you drive by, you notice a very long scratch down the side of the vehicle.  What would you do? 
Would you leave a note telling the driver who nicked their car? 
Would you wait until your neighbor gets home to confront him? 
Would you do nothing?

4.  You notice a couple leaving a restaurant.  As they exit the door, a wallet falls out of the young man's pants.  He doesn't notice and continues to walk away.  What would you do?

5.  It is 3AM and all you want is to be home.  As you approach an intersection, you see the traffic light turn red, yet there is no one around.  What would you do?  Would you drive through the red light?

6.  If your brother or sister won 3 million dollars in the lottery, would you expect them to give you some?  If they never offer to, would you ask for some of the money?

7.  You are in a grocery store and you see a person steal a couple of expensive steaks.
Would you tell someone?  What if this person was one of your best friends? 
Would it make a difference if the person appeared to be very poor and most likely hungry?

8.  You are standing in line at the bank when the person behind you edges up closer and closer to you.  You move up some to give yourself some distance, but they again move up close.  Would you say something?

9.  A friend of yours has very bad breath and when she talks, she likes to get extremely close.   What would you do?  Would you say something to her?

10. You see a young lady with a small child standing on the corner of a busy intersection begging for money.  Her baby is dressed in just a diaper, althought it is no more than 60 degrees outside.  Her sign says "Homeless and Hungry.  Please Help."  What would you do?  Would you give her money?  Would you offer help in any other way?

What Would You Do - Part 2

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Tracy 17th Feb 2022 Activities Director
i would love a Part 3! My residents love this so much! it's sparks amazing conversations.
Lisa 13th Nov 2021 Activities for Seniors
This is fabulous! Excellent discussion and made them think!
Lisa 27th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Glad you all are enjoying this activity. Some of the answers I have gotten just crack me up because as we all know, residents say it like it is. What I have found is the older residents would do the more morally right thing. Some of my residents in their 40's wouldn't. Just interesting.
I love to make up things, and I have about twenty more of these scenarios I will share again in a few months if you all would like more.
Thanks for the feedback.
SandrA 27th Aug 2020 Retired/carer
this really started a worthwhile conversation, morals are hard to cover. Icould do with more questions
Lisa 19th Aug 2020 Diversional Therapist
Thank you so much for sharing this activity Lisa (USA) I shared it with my residents this afternoon and it was a great success. Not sure if I would want them to tell me I had bad breath though, they were a bit confronting, but very polite lol. (one lady said "well I would just say, I think your breath is very smelly")
Lisa (Aus)
Nemia 19th Aug 2020 Diversional Therapist
Thank you Lisa, I can't wait to share it with my residents !
April 16th Aug 2020 Program Supervisor
Our participants enjoyed this activity. Very thoughtful and a wonderful tool for engagement.
Thank you for sharing.
Gwyneth 13th Aug 2020 Volunteer
I love your WHAT WOULD YOU DO QUESTIONS Lisa, some of them are really happening in the world every day and sometimes it is difficult to know what to do, good questions. I am wondering what kind of answers you are having! Some of the answers we get from our clients are good, and some very funny,but we never know what to expect. !!!!!!!! All the best Gwyneth
Talita 13th Aug 2020
Love this Lisa! Thank you for sharing. A lot of food for thought.
No Avatar