A fun brain game to enjoy! Words in Words will keep residents entertained while exercising the mind. Read the clue and find the answer within a word.

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Linda 16th Feb 2021 Virtual Programer
I love your new Words in Words Game slideshows. Can you please tell me how
I may incorporate them in my Zoom classes?
Maurice 16th Feb 2021
Hey Linda!

We're working on a little release video for our new quiz system, including the slideshow. The new slideshow was designed for use on Tvs, Laptops, Projectors, and of course within Zoom and Skype meetings.

All you need to do is click the Slideshow link, copy that link, make sure you're logged into Golden Carers, and then you can start the quiz.

We will have an official update soon, we're just finishing a few behind the scenes tasks off first :)