Have fun with this 'air' themed quiz!

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Gwyneth 6th Jun 2020 Volunteer
Thanks, yes we are keeping in touch with them, but the requests are always the same - "We are missing you, when can we come back" so sad, but as I said they are lovely people, and again appreciative of us keeping in touch, hope things will improve, but at the moment we are just told, be patient, that's all we can be, but it is very hard. I miss them too, volunteering is very rewarding, it is a two way reward system, they love coming to us for a lovely day out and we go home feeling very happy for our day out with them. Cheerio
Susan 6th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for your activity Gwyneth
It sounds like you have a wonderful group for seniors
The fact that is run by volunteers is outstanding
I know you like face to face interaction but I hope you have called some of your clients on the phone or perhaps you have sent them letters in the mail
I am sure these gestures would mean a lot to them
You can send Cards with large pictures and large print
Hopefully things will get back to normal soon
Thank you for all you do
Talita 4th Jun 2020
Love it Gwyneth, thanks for sharing!
Gwyneth 4th Jun 2020 Volunteer
Thanks Talita, I love looking at everything on your web site, and i love sending my activities in, my trouble is I have been a hands on volunteer, standing in front of our clients, telling them and showing them what to do, it is quite difficult describing how to do it, it is a lot nicer with an audience. Whether we will be able to start back is in the lap of the Gods, it is a Vision Impaired Centre, sounds funny when I say I stand in front of them, we have two blind with their dogs, the rest are vision impaired, but do have enough sight to see what is going on, although when we play bingo, their noses are touching their cards, but they manage, they are so appreciative of what you do for them, they laugh a lot, sing a lot, join in nearly everything, they will have a go. It is a happy place run by volunteers, all nationalities, like a little family, I do hope we can start back. With this distancing, it is difficult we use 2 buses to pick them up and take them home, we give them morning tea then entertainment and games, a cooked lunch, then take them home, it is a wonderful place. Because of this lock down so many of our clients are left alone in their homes, we have quite a few who have lost their partners, we worry over them, but the sad part is we all come from different places, not living near each other, it is very sad. Most of us have to get there by car, train or bus, but it is worth it. I spend hours , being in lockdown myself, not liking it, after 30 years of volunteering, it is hard to settle down, but your web site has so much to read through, it helps, thank you.
Talita 8th Jun 2020
It sounds like such a lovely place Gwyneth, let's hope you we can resume a more nomal existence soon. Thank you so much for your feedback x