Color & Shape Matching Game

Color & Shape Matching Game

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Have fun with your resident or client with this memory card game.

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Susan 22nd Jul 2023 Activity Director
Hi Patricia
I think this can be used in many ways as is exist in the directions
You can talk about the shapes and colors you can ask but these things remind you of
Things that are these colors
Pass the shapes out and then show One and see who has the matching one
I am sure there are many ways. To use these
If you are using this with folks who have dementia, don’t be surprised if they cannot match shapes or colors
I had a resident who is pretty high functioning I thought, but I asked her what shapes were, and how to match them and she did not now, but you still can use them
Patricia 22nd Jul 2023 Life Engagement Specialist
What exactly would I do with the shapes and colors?
Susan 10th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi Rebecca
Thanks for sharing this activity