Quilting Activity - For those with limited abilities

Quilting Activity - For those with limited abilities

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Here is a simple quilting activity for those with limited abilities.

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Leah 20th Oct 2022 Leisure Aide
In our region, barn quilts are popular. These are large painted quilts that appear on barns. These quilts tell a story about the property or family that live there. This activity could be adapted so that participants choose colours and patterns that tell a story about their life.
Talita 24th Oct 2022
That's a really lovely idea Leah
Susan 28th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Alison
Wow this is great
Alison 30th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator
Thanks. Glad you like it.
Alison 27th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator
We did some patchwork using paper.
Over the course of a couple of sessions, we painted the flowers (about 10cm square of white, 6 to an A4 page).
The next session we centred the flowers on a background page using glue.
Then the residents helped to choose four pieces to join together to make another square using sticky tape on the back.
Finally, I put the medium size squares together to make a large "quilt" to adorn a wall in our dining room.