I love scouring local op shops and garage sales for items that may be of use in my role as a recreational activities officer. Recycling is not only good for the environment, but provides the materials for interesting and enjoyable activities for our residents.

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Talita 30th Apr 2017
Great ideas! Thanks Raelene and Shelley - if you have any photos to share we'd love to see.
Shelley 30th Apr 2017
I also like to use older books. as altered journals in my creative arts groups. Using matte medium and gesso to prepare the pages, it gives a new surface for creative art, and journaling. This private book then looks like any other book on their bookshelf and is "hidden" from view from others.
Raelene 25th Apr 2017
Paper Mosaic Art

All/any pieces of paper
A photocopy of design (e.g. owl)
Materials: glue stick, scissors, assorted paper, copy of object to work on
Del 24th Apr 2017
Del has submitted an article: 12 Activity Recycling Ideas

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