This is a creative activity and residents should be encouraged to draw their own picture; a tree or a silhouette of a person or animal. For those unable to draw, two templates have been provided.

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Susan 20th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Mary Lynn
Thank you for sharing
I agree palm palms are a safer option
Mary Lynn 19th Aug 2020 Activities Director
I love this craft however we use little pom poms in different colors. Safer for some of our clients and they love it
Jeannette 21st Sep 2018 Lifestyle Manager
Some of my residents love crafting but find it overwhelmingly difficult. With the tree already printed out I had to put the glue down for some, where others just did it all but the picking up and placing of buttons was the fine motor skills being used and the conversations re Autumn and then looking outside and connecting the activity to the environment we were in all made for a therapeutic yet creative craft afternoon.
Talita 21st Sep 2018
Beautiful Jeannette, thanks so much for sharing pics!
Kaz 18th May 2017 Arts Tutor/support Worker
Am planning an Autumn themed programme and there was the idea for creative button trees, just perfect.

All that fun of painting the trees and tree talk.

Buttons also tell stories.
I think many of us have button jars or our grandmothers' did, so I look forward to some lively conversation.
Talita 22nd May 2017
Thanks so much for your feedback Kaz!
Karen 3rd May 2017 Lifestyle Lead
These are fun, we made some last year with our group. We used flat backed canvases so that is was easy for our clients to glue the buttons on. Great activity for any skill level!
Talita 8th May 2017
Great idea, thanks for sharing Karen!
Kathryne 2nd May 2017 Activity facilitator / Planned Activity Group
We have made these button trees for our clients who leave the group to remember us by
Talita 8th May 2017
What a lovely idea Kathryne