20 Creative Ways to Hydrate the Elderly in Senior Care

20 Creative Ways to Hydrate the Elderly in Senior Care

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Dehydration can cause serious complications for older adults. Make Activities a part of your community’s push for better hydration with our tips and tricks.

Dehydration can cause serious complications for the eldery in senior care. Fortunately, the Activities department can play an important role in your community’s overall hydration plan.

In this article we cover:

  • Dangers of Dehydration
  • 6 Ways to Improve Hydration during Activities
  • 7 Ways to Hydrate Outside of Group Activities
  • 7 More Creative Hydration Ideas
  • Update Care Plans With Hydration Interventions

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Susan 27th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Rachel
I am sure you will find many great ideas on golden Carers
I had folders for each month so that if we needed to do an activity we could pull something out of the folder
If you have any specific questions let us know because all the members are here to help
Rachel 27th Jul 2020 Activity Coordinator
Im Rachel, I work with people with dementia as an activity coordinator. Ive just join Golencarers. Im going back to work very soon. Ive been furloughed for a few months. Im trying to set up a folder of information and activities for each month. Looking foreward to finding things from Golden Carers. X
Susan 21st Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Andrea
There are several things you can do for those with diabetes
Use a low calorie or no calorie drink and mix it with no calorie soda
I like low calorie cranberry juice and low calorie ginger ale seems to be the favorite
But I am sure you can come up with many creative ideas
Perhaps the food service director can help you as well as a dietitian
Let us know what favorite you come up with
Faye 21st Jul 2020 Coordinator
we work in the community and encourage hydrations through
stewing seasonal fruit - you can control sugar content doing it yourself (here in New Zealand we have a fruit called Fejoia, which have great water content), apples, pears, etc Rubarab is great too, then strain the water content out, use fruit for breakfast/dessert, keep juice in fridge, adding Soda water or water with gas is great treat too (not tonic water as it is full of sugar)
Andrea 21st Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator
Im looking for recipes for mocktails for diabetics, something eady eniugh as im not allowed in kitchen.. So have to be able to make in activities room

Thanx all..
Nori 20th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Wow, these suggestions are just great! Hydration is SO important, and anything we can do to encourage water intake is fantastic. Thank you!
Denice 20th Jul 2020 Retirement Village Activities/Admin
Very timely reminder while we are having heat wave periods here in Canada this summer. Thanks so much for this article!
Haley 20th Jul 2020 Recreation Therapist And Writer
Haley submitted a new article: 20 Creative Ways To Hydrate The Elderly In Senior Care