Residents love to reminisce about their days baking for their families and I've found a lot used to make fudge and love this simple recipe! They request we make it every couple weeks.

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Amy 3rd May 2020 Recreational Therapy
How much does it make?
Susan 28th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Hi Shelley
I love the fudge in the bag idea
Shelley 27th Aug 2019 Music therapist
thank you for the recipe. we have also made fudge in a bag, allowing for some sensory in the "squishing" of ingredients
Rebecca 28th Aug 2019 Therapeutic Recreational Assistant
yes! we've used that recipe as well, we call it our "squish fudge" lol
Susan 23rd Aug 2019 Activity Director
Thank you for this recipe it sounds easy and yummy
Rebecca 23rd Aug 2019 Therapeutic Recreational Assistant
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