A fun and delicious dessert to make with residents!

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Susan 28th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Clo
Thank you for your kind words
Clo 27th Jun 2021 Activity Director Certified
Thank you very much for Activity Ideals, It help to fulfill my Activity Calendar. The Residents love the different Activities
Pat 21st Jun 2018 Volunteer
I was thinking of a July 4 activity and I just see this. I will certainly try this for fourth of July.

Taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU for the activity ideas. This website is my saviour.
Talita 25th Jun 2018
Thank you Pat! We really appreciate your feedback! Let us know how it turns out : )
Cornelya 6th Jun 2018 DT
They look like very fun activities for my residents.
Talita 11th Jun 2018
Thanks Cornelya! It really is delicious! Love to hear how it goes x