5 Mother's Day Activities for Dementia Care

5 Mother's Day Activities for Dementia Care

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Mother’s Day is about honouring the women who helped shape our lives. While this day holds significance for many, it can also be an excellent opportunity for residents with dementia to engage in sensory and cognitive stimulation.

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Jane 27th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator
Love all the great ideas. Love golden carers. I have used so many of your ideas since I started and all with great feedback with staff who like to join in too. What a difference I have seen in the residents, more joining in because of giving them time to express what they like to do and always offering for them to join in, whatever the activity. Having so much to offer but not overwhelming them, just a little at a time and someone will show their enthusiasm to give it a try. Thank you golden carers.
Talita 2nd Mar 2019
Thank you so very much for your feedback Jane!
Susan 10th May 2017 Activity Director
I like the pampering station also
Maryanne 9th May 2017 Diversional Therapist
great idea with the pampering station
Ryan 8th May 2017 Doctor
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