Here is a bingo game featuring AFL clubs for Australian members!

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Tracy 11th Aug 2023 Lifestyle Assistant
Thank you for sharing!! I am new to lifestyle and trying to find a new spin on the activities in place . I guess my own spin on things . Hopefully they haven’t done this before and enjoy bingo a little differently.
Belinda 1st Sep 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
What does the "FREE" square do?
Talita 1st Sep 2021
Hi Belinda, some people play bingo so that you have to make a particular pattern (like 'T' for example) to win. In this case, the free space is considered a wild card and counts as if it was filled. You can simply ignore the free card if you are playing regular bingo.
Leisure and Lifestyle Team 22nd Oct 2020 Leisure and Lifestyle Officer
Looking forward to using this at the weekend..........helps when I'm not very familiar with AFL teams etc etc..........
Thank you
Preethi 28th Jul 2020 Lifestyle and Activities Coordinator
How do I play this game (AFL Bingo)
Talita 29th Jul 2020
Hi Preethi,

You play this just like a normal bingo game. The download provides bingo sheets for residents and the calling cards start on page 21. You just cutout and randomly select calling cards until someone calls bingo. Any questions, let me know.
Susan 6th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Great bingo game