And they're off in the Melb cup

And they're off in the Melb cup

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Talita 25th Oct 2019
Julie has kindly shared her left / right game for the Melbourne cup here:

Thanks Julie!
Susan 24th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Julie I hope you will answer and tell us about the story you made up
If not you can use any of these ideas to make up a story
Tania 24th Oct 2019 Registered Nurse
Hey Julie Do you have a copy of the story? I can't seem to find one! I think it would be great activity to do at my hostel! Thanks
Susan 2nd Oct 2019 Activity Director
Sounds great you could make up any story for any event
Julie 1st Oct 2019 Activities Assistant
Last year I made up a left - right pass the parcel story game. The story was about a couple going to the Melbourne Cup races and betting. It was fun and the residents really enjoyed it.
Linda 3rd Nov 2015 lifestyle therapist
We did a similar activity, we used 'barbie' horses that I gathered from going to garage sales and car boot sales. All the horses were different colours, and we used string to pull them in from the start line:) The residents loved the game and were very competitive.
Fiona 24th Sep 2014 Recrecation Therapist
Ron the pull along horses sound great, I'm going to make them for this years Melbourne cup. Thank you.
Heather 23rd Oct 2013
Thanks love the pulling of horse game. It means all levels of cognitive and physical abilities residents can have join in have fun.
Justine 15th Oct 2013 Leisure & Lifestyle
i like your idea of pulling the horses
marie 2nd Sep 2013 diversional therapist
In our Day Centre in November,,our Melbourne Cup race day activity is made up with wooden horse shapes which have been attached to a stand up support ,.numbered up 20.You could use filled bottles that you can move..Wehave a large dice which each client/jockey takes in turn to throw.We set up a starting and finishing line, Depending on the number of Jockeys? it works out approx. 6 throws each.If you have a good caller to lighten up the occasion it makes it a very fun day..the first to the finish line is the winner and we have made the trophies or you an buy cheap Melbourne cup lookalikes small versions, at the Sams warehouse or such like shops.