Anzac Day Wreaths made from plastic spoons

Anzac Day Wreaths made from plastic spoons

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Use plastic spoons to make these lovely wreaths for ANZAC Day!

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Joanne 19th May 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I have used a Christmas wreath and made handmade poppies to go on it and we have used them for years, I have also added at times small red Christmas lights to the centre of the poppies.
Lynette 20th Mar 2015 Diversional Therapist
Pasta also works well in place of the spoons, for both the ANZAC and Christmas wreaths. We have tried shells and bows. All looked great.
Linda 23rd Apr 2013 Recreation Therapist
We created Anzac Day wreaths from willow tree branches stripped of leaves and then residents weaved the branches in a wreath It is a lovely plant to work with it is soft on the hands and it is safe no sap
Residents then threaded the wreaths with rosemary the plant of rememberance
talita 24th Mar 2013
Thanks Carol!