This comprehensive armchair travel activity includes everything you need for a full day of travel to GREECE! Fact files, trivia, quizzes, music, food, posters, craft and so much more! We hope you enjoy the GREECE travelog!

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East Grampians Health Service 2nd Apr 2020 Resident Support Co-ordinator
Absolutely loved armchair travel to Italy. Our residents enjoyed the videos, music, food and activities. Our activities room looked wonderful with Italian banners and images. We added percolated coffee and plan to hold armchair travel each month. Everyone is looking forward to travelling to Greece.
Thank you.
Jean 23rd Feb 2020 Activities Provider
Will save some pics from the Greece trip
Talita 24th Feb 2020
Would love to see some photos Jean! It would be great to share and inspire others!
Susan 15th Feb 2020 Activity Director
These scrapbook is a great idea Jean thank you for sharing
Maybe you can send us a picture from the scrapbook
Thanks again
Jean 15th Feb 2020 Activities Provider
All prepared and packed to go to Greece on 2nd March. We take photos of the day and have created a scrapbook dedicated to Armchair Travel, the residents can browse through it and recall the day. Thank you.
Talita 17th Feb 2020
What a wonderful idea Jean! Thanks for your feedback x
Vivian 6th Feb 2020 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
Thank you this will be our next destination. We went to Spain last year
Talita 10th Feb 2020
I hope it goes well! Thanks for your feedback Vivian.
Susan 5th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Armchair travel is really a good activity and now golden Carers makes it even easier to do
Spiros 4th Feb 2020 Community Care Worker
Arm chair travel to Greece , Absolutely Excellent Activities.
Talita 4th Feb 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Spiros!