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Nicola 21st Feb 2018
We always use bubbles at the end of singing when we sing I'm forever blowing bubbles as our last song. I worried the first time I did it in case someone thought it was too childish but the residents absolutely love it.
Lynn 28th Mar 2018 Recreational Activity Officer
Lovin these suggestions... balloons and bubbles = magic <3
Mary 9th Jan 2018 Activity Coordinator
I love useing balloons anf bubbles at my care home.
I put a net accross and the residents have teams seated eirher side of the net and large bats and we play keeping the balloon up we call it chair tannis. Such fun everyone loves it.

I have kids fishing nets and the residents try to carch bubbles in their nets.
Sherrie 30th Nov 2017 Recreational Therapist
This was an eye opener, I never thought about balloons being made with latex and causing allergies! One option might be to use small dollar store inflatable beach balls, they are made with vinyl!
Lori 22nd Nov 2017 Activity
We are not allowed to use balloons at my facility due to the latex any suggestions on non-latex balloons the ones in the stores I have seen are quite expensive