Springtime is the ideal time to add a garden-inspired sensory experience to your 1:1 visits or to your small sensory groups. 

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Susan 29th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi Chris
Thank you for being a member and thank you for the volunteer work you do I am sure you improve the lives of the residents you serve
I wish there were more people like you who would volunteer
Martha Jeannette 24th May 2023 Lifestyle Assistant
Hello Susan
Do you have a shopping list for start, i am new and i do organizer the activities for the month
Susan 25th May 2023 Activity Director
Hi Martha
What do you need a shopping list for?
What kind of residents do you serve?
I can be of more help if you answer my questions. In the meantime, read this article.
Chris 28th Jan 2020 Volunteer
Hi all,
Have been a member now for about a year and as a volunteer in a wonderful care home,Trefoil House, have been most grateful for all your amazing ideas for improving the quality of life of our residents. So easy to produce activities quickly and adapt them if necessary. Thank you everyone.