Assist the elderly to maintain their interest in reading. A good opportunity for one-on-one time as you make your way around to all bedrooms.  Discuss the book they have or the book they are about to read.
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To aid residents in their enjoyment of reading


A book trolley which includes:
  • novels
  • large print books
  • picture books
  • audio books
  • 1x CD player
  • Book marks


  • We start at room 1 and make our way around to all the bedrooms
  • While in the room resident are offered a novel/picture book/ Magazine/ audio book, as well as a bookmark
  • We then discuss the book they have or the book they are about to read
  • After the rooms are done we go to the common areas and ask if anyone would like to read a book or magazine.
  • We build knowledge on what books to offer by asking for suggestions from the other residents.


Book club

A small group of residents gather in the sun-room and discuss the book they are currently reading and give suggestions to others on What to read next.

News and views

A small group is collected on the patio to discuss local events and current affairs.

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what a great idea, I'll be trying this one
Nita 30th Dec 2014 Lifestyle officer
love the idea, thanks for posting.
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