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Joanne 19th Nov 2020 Diversional Therapist
We also have the same, our trolley includes trinkets and bric and brac purchased from op shops, this is very popular with the Ladies they love ornaments and statues for their room or jewellery. The trolley also includes chocolate, lollies, coffee sachets or fancy coffee as the residents call it, chips, biscuits, lovely tubes of scented hand cream, hankies, birthday cards etc. it is very popular and many ask every day when the Jolly lolly trolley is coming.
Avon 15th Apr 2017 Activities Assistant
Hi members
im just trying to revamp our lolly trolley and I would love to hear what other facilities have on theirs and where they source their products from.

I love this site..lots of great ideas

thank you
Lisa 29th May 2015 Lifestyle Manager
We have this as well, it's named the Lolly Trolley Dollies, how fun. It does make a bit of money which we use to aid resources for new activities, works well so far.
Patricia 15th Feb 2014 Co Ordinator
Great idea! There are some truly great ideas in Golden Carers! Thank you all!
Justine 21st May 2013 Leisure & Lifestyle
we have this in place and it is staffed by volunteers that love having a chat with the residents, we also have ice creams in an esky on ours :)
Helena 19th Mar 2013 recreational activities officer
I am in the process of getting this set. Up with the help of. A resident who will walk around our village for me. Can't wait to. See how it goes.
Joy 12th Mar 2013 Recreation therapist
We also have a shopping trolley and when marking the prices on the objects, we have a guessing game to see who can guess the correct price.
melissa 7th Mar 2013
we are also running a trolley weekly for our residents but also with our prizes we have bingo dollars so they get to purchase from the trolley using both bingo dollars and real money, the residents are asking for the the bingo dollars to be an option for other things tht we have prizes in so they always have free money.
karen 4th Mar 2013 Diversional Therapist
we do the same, we also try to cater for our diabetics amd glutin free residents. you have also given me further idears to put on trolly thanks
talita 26th Feb 2013
Thanks Kelly, what a wonderful idea!