Card Sequence Game

Card Sequence Game

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Here is an easy, fun, and quick card game to enjoy!
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Here is an easy, fun, and quick card game to enjoy!


  • Lay a sequence mat in front of each player (provided).
  • Shuffle a deck of cards (or 2 decks if you have more than 5 players).
  • Deal 10 cards to each player, placed face down on the card boxes on their mats.
  • Place the remaining cards in the center as the draw pile.


  1. The first player draws a card.  If the card drawn matches a number on the sequence mat, the player picks up the face-down card and replaces it with the card they drew.
  2. If the new card is a play card (2-10) that has not already been filled they continue their turn and replace the corresponding face-down card.
  3. This process continues until they can no longer play a card (for example if they get a King, Queen, or a card they already have face up). Discard the final card in a discard pile.
  4. The next player takes their turn.

Special Cards:

  • Aces are considered ones and can be placed in the corresponding card box.
  • Jacks are wild cards. Players can use them to represent any number on the sequence mat. If a Jack is already placed face up, they can move it anywhere on a subsequent turn.


The game continues until one player has all 10 of their cards face up on the sequence mat! Each player after the winner will have one chance to try to get all 10 cards face up.


Files included:

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Sequence Card Game

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David 16th Feb 2019 Activity Assistant
I cut a piece of paneling the size of the game sheet, and used Mod Poge to hold the sheet onto the wood paneling. Makes a nice game board, and they can slide the cards off the board easily, because it is a little over an eighth of an inch [7-8 mm] off the table. It's difficult for them to get their fingers under the card to lift it off, so sliding it off is much easier.
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