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Maurice 20th Jun 2015
Hi Margaret!

Ahh - Each player needs to have 9 random cards, if they all use the sample provided then they will all win at the same time (an interesting twist!)

I have just uploaded 10 sets of 9 random cards, so you can download this instead to play with up to 10 people at once. For more players just scan 9 cards together for each additional player.

I hope that helps!
margaret 13th Jun 2015
Hi Everyone,

I love this game but shouldn't every card be different otherwise everyone would be calling 'hoy' at once.
I could only find one card in the instructions. Am I missing something? I can be a bit vague!
Love the site.
Kim 26th May 2015
Hi guys,
We too play this game however I put the sheet landscape and have 3 of each suit.... I also make sure the suits are in rows of the same suit to make it easier to find eg... A row of spades, then hearts, then clubs then diamonds. These rows run vertically
Lyn 6th Jul 2014
Put Hoy on my program this week. On seeing it one resident & her family not knowing what Hoy was looked it up in the dictionary - we had a good laugh - that made my day before we had even played the game. The residents really enjoyed playing this game. Thank you for the idea.
6 July 2014
Solange 1st Jul 2014
Hi Susan, what a great adaptation for the game. Congratulations!
Susan 30th Jun 2014
I deal out 6-8 cards to each resident and if theirs is called out, they throw it into the middle of the table until they're all gone. We tried turning the cards over but they kept turning them back again! Nice easy game and we keep going until they've all won!
Patricia 15th Apr 2014
Ran this game off, very well received by clients! Thank you!
Helen 28th May 2013
We play Hoy as well. I have 'lines' top, middle, bottom - 4 corners.This can make it more fun as the residents get more prizes.
Helen from Regis Yeronga, Brisbane
divtherapy 2nd Feb 2012
We have a weekly game of Hoy. We too remove the ace's. But we only use 8 cards. 2 from each suit, but 2 of the cards must be high cards eg. King, queen or Jack. None of the cards can be the same number. So all cards are different numbers or high cards. Once all cards are turned over the winner gets fun size Milky way and the diabetics we give a sugar free chocolate bar too. Our residents very much look forward to the game.
Dianne 18th Jan 2011
Hi Robyn,
I leave the aces in but when i call it out I say eg: ace of hearts I will say ONE heart. So if you wish to leave them in just say one instead. But your way is probably easier especially for high care.
Robyn 12th Jan 2011
I have taken the aces out of the pack as ace and eight can sound the same and residents sometimes get confused.
Dianne 9th Nov 2010
We play Hoy each week. But when we do it I hand out 15 cards (amount can change) to each player. When their card is called out they turn the card over until they are all turned over.