We had a wonderful afternoon with carnival games and all of our residents were filled with smiles and laughter!

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Susan 4th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Meryl
We had a Carnaval and had it outside
We also had carnival like activities during nursing home week
We had several carnivals around Easter time
We had a balloon artist and the residents really liked that
As far as games for the residents I say keep it simple
We had children at some of these which the residents really liked too
We did do some of these games also
Meryl 3rd Aug 2021 RAO
We are planning a Carnival for our Dementia unit. We are hoping to make as many of the resources ourselves. Has anyone had a successful Carnival Day and what was your favourite game that was most liked by residents. Thanks
Jess 5th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator
Ring Toss was our favourite game, i made ours with washed out beer bottle and some rope tied in a ring! I Made all out our games except the hook-a-duck!
Phonya 17th Jun 2021 Daycare Owner
Is there a way to get the flyer template?
Talita 28th Dec 2021
Some editable circus / carnival templates are now available!
Talita 3rd Jun 2021
Wow Jess, this sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!