An easy matching game with 24 Chinese zodiac animal cards. A great game to challenge memory skills and improve concentration.

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Solange 7th Feb 2016 Diversional Therapist
Thank you ladies, we are glad the activity worked for you.Best wishes!
Leanne 6th Feb 2016 Activities Officer
Thank you for this, our residents really enjoyed it. We did however, make an alteration where we wrote the name of the animal on the card as well. For a different game we had the cards facing up and asked the each resident in turn to find a particular pair of cards. It was lovely to see the more able residents helping the other residents. There were lots of laughs and enjoyment.
Raylene 3rd Feb 2016
Thank you for a great idea.
debbie 22nd Jan 2016 day centre coordinator
thank you for this.....have printed off 3 sets to use for our Chinese New Year theme