Engage residents in a lively coin-tossing competition, perfect for fostering social interaction and friendly competition!

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heather 28th May 2014 DIVERSIONAL THERAPIST
Wow. I love this game. Think will give it ago ASAP. Like idea of muffin tray. Another reminiscence subject.
Ruth 25th May 2014 Recreation Therapist
Our group loved this game & the residents loved adding up the scores
to see who won.
We also turned the numbers over so you couldn't see & the residents really got into the excitement of it not knowing whether you threw a 12 or a 1.
Great fun had by all!
Rosemary 30th Jun 2011 Diversional Therapist
TO Marilyn
This looks great my residents like playing games
I think they will like this.
Marilyn 14th Sep 2010 Lifestyle support - aged care
This sounds like fun! I'm thinking I will introduce this into our Games Day! Thanks ...