Coloring for Seniors - Seagull Sunset

Coloring for Seniors - Seagull Sunset

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Another lovely adult coloring page to enjoy!

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Susan 1st Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi Akosita
Thank you for your kind words
I am sure this side will be useful to you for years to come
Feel free to ask questions or to share an activity that worked well for you
Akosita 1st Oct 2021 Program Assistant
HI, Im so happy that I did join the the Golden Cares Team this year. Most of my actiities for the seniors are taken from the site which I use most of it. Thank you Golden Care for the site, and I will continue to use the site and will renew it once its expired.

Akosita S
Sacramento, CA, USA.
Susan 13th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Sandra
Thank you for your kind words and thank you for sharing
Sandra 12th Jan 2021 Retired
I cannot wait to get started on some of your lovely projects. Unfortunately of lounge and dining room is under renovation plus a new kitchen, frail & mid care rooms. Never the less I have been gathering all your activities etc. From this month I have included some of these in our monthly newsletter. I am hoping that it will inspire residents to be more active.
We did have a lovely Carols Evening just before Christmas. Amazing enough there were residents there that never attend anything. With Covid-19 being so much part of our daily life it is no wonder most feel down. I am planning to change that but it cannot be done all in one go. A little at a time. Keep the info flowing and a big thank you for all the wonderful idea.
South Africa
Talita 17th Jan 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Sandra. Yes a little at a time sounds like a good plan. These are difficult times indeed. All the best, your residents are lucky to have you!