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sandra 21st Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator
Daffodil day... Do you have any activities regarding this day anybody??
Kylie 23rd Aug 2016 leisure and lifestyle officer
Sandra. this year I am focusing on the colour yellow. I have decorated one corner of the room with everything yellow I could find. I have researched the history of daffodils and the colour yellow. how it makes people feel. I have found some poems about daffodils. I bought some yellow cups from the op shop which we will use and have bought yellow food to have on the day. for my mens group I have downloaded all the brands which have yellow in them. like yellow pages, dewalt, boral etc and they have to try and think of brands that have yellow in them. I will put the pictures on the white board. last year we made daffodils out of felt which turned out well. I only briefly mention what daffodil day is about. we don't dwell on it.
Talita 23rd Aug 2016
Hi Sandra,

This is a good one for us to keep in mind for next year!

Have you joined the Facebook Group? If you do so and search for 'Daffodil' you will find some lovely craft ideas.

Thanks Sandra.
Lorraine 24th Aug 2016 Diversional Therapist
The past couple of years I have organised an actual fund raising day for Cancer. My Volunteers assist me with providing a beautiful morning tea for our Residents and also I invite Residents from other facilities to join us. We have merchandise on sale and daffodils for purchase. Tables are set up with yellow cloths and daffodils made from paper decorate the table. I have arranged for a musician to entertain Residents and visitors while they enjoy their morning tea. A gold coin donation box is placed on each table for donations which goes to the Cancer fund.
An invitation to families is mailed in advanced inviting them to join us.
It is a great, interactive, meaningful, social morning.
Solange 25th Aug 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Lorraine and Kylie, great activities, very well planned and interesting. Congratulations!
sandra 28th Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator
Hi and thank you to all that replied :-) We put balloons up everywhere and had daffodils on the tables and also at the front counter. Yes Talita I'm already in the Facebook group :-)
devon 20th Jul 2020 recreation therapist
I always have a yellow afternoon tea, a yellow cake and egg sandwiches etc.
I do a quiz on all things Yellow.
A song with yellow in it
A flowering shrub with yellow
An animal with a yellow coloured coat
A sporting body with the colour yellow
An international sporting day with Yellow
Other flowers that are Yellow
We had a cancer council box to donate to.
The story of the Yellow emperor
Art Therapy "All things Yellow"
Susan 21st Jul 2020 Activity Director
This sounds like a great plan

Thanks for sharing it
Lorraine 21st Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for sharing your ideas. As we have no volunteers back in our facility as yet, your plan is manageable by my self.
Talita 6th Jun 2022
Daffodil Day posters are now available here:

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