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Wendy 25th Dec 2016 Student
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to purchase an Indoor Bowling / Bowls Mat?
Mauricee 25th Dec 2016
Hi Wendy!

Solange had a very interesting solution:

1. Use a tape measure to figure out the length + width of the carpet you want
2. Contact a local carpet dealer and tell them you need a carpet that can be rolled up and stored away
3. Give them your measurements and ask them to finish the carpet edges (so it doesn't frey)

This is a great option for lots of indoor activities including bowls and bowling. It's inexpensive, simple to store, and easy to use whenever you want.

You can buy professioanl indoor bowls / bowling mats online, but they can be well over $1000!
Helen 27th Dec 2016 Activity Director
S&S world wide has the bowling set.
Sheri 27th Dec 2016 PCAP/OTA
maybe approach a local RSL or bowls club as they replace theirs they may be willing to donate the old ones.
Kim 28th Dec 2016 Registered Nurse
Hi Wendy, you should try to contact any indoor bowls clubs as they quite often replace there mats which are usually in good condition. Happy bowling.
Solange 28th Dec 2016 Diversional Therapist
There are recreation bowling carpet available for much less, plus shipping. Take a look at S & S Worldwide
Wendy 29th Dec 2016 Student
Thanks for your suggestions everyone - much appreciated. Wendy

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