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Clive 30th Jan 2017 Co-Ordinator
Hi Fellow Golden Carers,

I co-ordinate weekly ( every Thursday including lunch ) a group of over 60s called the Vintage Banquet at our local church. Our group varies from 20 to 30 guests and we always have one or two visitors that I encourage to return, I've used a couple of ideas in the past but if any of you have some fun ice breakers I would certainly appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks & Regards
Solange 30th Jan 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Clive, have you tried a Baby Boomers Party? Make it exciting with a lucky door prize, singing duets, drinks and finger food and lots of music of the 1960s and 1970s. Best wishes.
Clive 31st Jan 2017 Co-Ordinator
Hi Solange,

Many Thanks for your input, I'm not familiar with Baby Boomers Party & Singing duets, could you send me description or links.
Best regards Clive
Solange 1st Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Clive,

A Baby Boomers Party for reminiscing purposes celebrates roughly the 20 or 30 years after the WWII or 1950, 1960, and 1970. Music, food, clothes, hair styles, films and more. Golden Carers has quite a few activities e.g. nostalgia, General Knowledge quizzes, Song quizzes, Matching quizzes, and more.

Regarding Singing duets, invite staff to sing or find clients willing to sing together; if you have a Karaoke player all the better. Take a look at '1950's Nostalgia Party' for tips'.

If you have a morning dedicated to the 1950/1960, for instance, it could go like this:

1 Welcome clients with a drink (hot or cold) and Percy Faith Orchestra in the background playing well-known songs like: 'A Summer Place', or Paul Mauriat 'Love is Blue'- The Ventures 'Walk Don't Run, Hugo Blanco 'Moliendo Cafe.
2 Follow with a 1960's General Knowledge or Song Quiz and take the opportunity to reminisce.
3 Have a couple of people singing a duet (or Trio or Quartet), something simple like 'King of the Road', or 'Summertime Blues', 'I'm a Believer', 'Many Rivers to Cross', Tambourine Man.
4 Have one episode of 'Bonanza' or 'I Love Lucy' from YouTube.
5 End the session with a sing-along.
Here are some other suitable links:
Clive 5th Feb 2017 Co-Ordinator
Hi Solange,

Many thanks for the explanation and suggestions/samples. I've already used the crosswords, charades and spot the differences, Thanks to all and keep up the Great work and feedback from members and Golden Carers. Clive
Vanessa 12th Jan 2020 Activities Co-Ordinator
My residents love daily quizzes so any suggestions would be gratefully received, quick fire questions go down well.
Susan 13th Jan 2020 Activity Director
First I want to thank Solange for her great suggestions for Clive
Now to Vanessa’s questions
The alphabet game is a good game that can give quick and easy answers and can be adapted and modified to whatever topic you wish
I call it the ABC’s of whatever
It is a good time filler or it can last a longer time depending on what you need

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