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Kerry 28th Feb 2017 Activities Coordinator
Hi everyone. Im an activity coordinator in the UK. I try to mark as many calender events as possible and that are relevant to the residnets in the home that i work at but i dont seem to be able to find anything for ideas on what do do for St Davids Day the patron saint of Wales. we have daffodils displayed around and we are baking some bara brith and having leek and potato soup but when i searched for St Davids Day there were no results on here. Does any one have any ideas for future years as it obviously a litlle late now or are there any other events that surprise us that noone seems to know about?
Solange 3rd Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kerry, thank you for bringing attention to this date. It is food for thought and we will have some activities for next year. Cheers.
Emma 23rd Feb 2018 Senior
Also looking for additional ideas for St Davids day this year, It's hard to come up with fresh ideas appropriate to our care facility. I'm thinking of trialing a St Davids day Daffodil scavenger hunt placed throughout the building. I'm a little stuck on some easy welsh baking recipes though.
Karen 3rd Mar 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
Hi Kerry
I am also in the UK and this is my 1st year doing activities. Most of the residents have middle to late dementia. So I have only a few residents able to participate in physical activities. We did manage flower arranging and arranged a tea party and with a singer for later for everyone to enjoy. This site has been invaluable for ideas for almost everything.

Talita 3rd Mar 2018
Thanks for your lovely feedback Karen!
Carol 20th Mar 2018 Activities Organiser
Hi Karen and Kerry, I too am in the UK.
For St.David's day I get daffodils made up in craft session beforehand so they can be displayed,do a quiz on Wales, I have a "Famous David's quiz' ( there are quite a lot if you research it), I have a jumbled up black and white picture of twenty things that begin with D. Kind of on top of each other so they have to turn the paper this way and that. Finally,get out the CDs with Welsh singers.
Ema 21st Mar 2018 Activities Coordinator
Hi guys I am in the UK I live in Wales and work in England. My residents are late dementia so i encouraged the idea of the daffodil flower. We celebrated st David's day but doing drawings of daffs and used the primary colours , yellow being one. I also had story time of st David and mentioned the castles of Wales. This is some thing that can be developed for the rest of the year.

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