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Ashleigh 2nd Mar 2017 Wellness & Lifestyle Coordinator
Hey everyone,

We need to raise some money for our christmas decorations for this xmas... any ideas would e welcome

thank you
Solange 3rd Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Ashleigh, you will do very well because you have the whole year ahead of you! There are various ways to raise money in a facility: Jumbo Sale, Cake Run, High Tea (with paid guests), Sausage Sizzle, Trivia Nigh, Second-hand movies, book/CD/Games Sale. One of the best ways is selling tickets for an attractive raffle for Mothers’ Day/ Father’s Day. Place a request on your Newsletter for suitable donations from staff and residents’ relatives. Divide donations into two or three prizes, wrap them creatively and display in a prominent place. The first thing you should do is finding out what are the management policies regarding the above ideas. All the best!
Kerry 19th Mar 2017
I run "Lucky Square" at our Retirement Village.
A 3 paper size with 30 squares so "staff, residents, family & visitors" can place name & contact in each square.
I give 2 x $20.00 prizes to winners & I bank $20.00. (Notify on whiteboard) of winners.)

Place sign explaining game, closed money box with attached pen & secure paper to small table. (Place n Foyer of facility)
I draw 2 x winners every week.

Talita 22nd Mar 2017
Bronwyn 8th Apr 2017 Support Worker/RAO
We have sausage sizzles at one of the local Hardware stores Sausages, bread, onion donated
Stephanie 13th Apr 2017 Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator
You could reach out to local home care agencies for a donation of ornaments. I recently reached out to our local agencies for an activity box roughly costing $50/per box. This helped save me tons of money.

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