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Susan 8th Mar 2017 Director of Activities
Hello everyone. I am the Director of Activities in a country facility. We hold our activities on our wings in the dining rooms. On one of my units I have a mixture of residents from alert and oriented to unable to do anything. I have one Activity Leader for the unit and am in need of some fresh ideas for morning programs.
Solange 15th Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Susan, in my experience, one activity that always engaged clients alert or otherwise was poster making. We would give them lots of magazines, travel brochures, and old calendars, and ask them to cut (use safety scissors) the pictures relevant to the poster. For instance, Mothers’ Day is around the corner and a poster or two would be nice to decorate the facility. The Mothers’ Day poster can have different themes such as ‘Mothers’ of the World’ with mothers and children/babies from different countries, or ‘Famous Mothers’ with celebrities and their children, or a flower poster with pictures of all the mothers in your facility. You may also try some easy craft activities and games, links below.

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