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Kathy 31st Mar 2017 Social Work
Does anyone have any resources to order materials? The only one I'm aware of is Eldersong. I know it has been discussed before but I am unable to find it again.

I work for an Adult Day Health Care, and I facilitate a "Memories" Group twice a week, and a "Socialization" Group once a week for adults with cognitive deficiencies. I especially need some new ideas for the Socialization group. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Love this site!
Solange 1st Apr 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kathy. I assume your memory group's main activity is reminiscing. We have some great reminiscing themes like School Days, Yesteryear Song Quiz, and Name the Love Songs.. Also, the link below has 13 difference ideas for reminiscing:

Regarding socialisation you may try:
Wine & Cheese Party – Discuss a TV show or a documentary – Group cooking pizzas and cookies – Picnics – Travel Talks - Tai Chi class – Card games.

Hope this helps. Cheers.
Shelley 11th Apr 2017 Music therapist
Some resources I use most frequently: S and S Worldwide, SAX art supplies, NASCO, M and N Oarty Supplies, West Music, books from HealthProPress, and I use Creative Forecasting magazine for ideas
Tammy 12th Apr 2017 Recreation Therapy
Try CDS boutique and flaghouse!
Stephanie 13th Apr 2017 Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator
I have used a lot of activities from the Best Friends Book of Alzheimer's Activities. You can modify for resident's. I love it!

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