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Sarah 7th Jul 2017 Program Director
Trying to think of inexpensive prize ideas for my residents other than candy/toiletries. Suggestions? Also, is there anywhere I can purchase them in bulk?
Sunya 7th Jul 2017 Activity Director
You can go to Sam's or Costco and buy in bulk. How about socks, water bottles, picture frames, journal books.
Susan 7th Jul 2017 Activity Director
My residents always liked money even though they couldn't buy anything they like the feeling of having money
Cathy 10th Jul 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
OP shops are a great source of cheap prizes. My favourites are: buying bulk bags of stuffed ( good quality) toys, small ornaments and jewellery. Also we have sachets of different flavoured coffees and teas, small packets of cream or chocolate biscuits ( buy these at a "dollar" store in multipacks.
Sarah 10th Jul 2017 Program Director
Thanks so much!
Morgan 11th Jul 2017 Activity Director
We hand out quarters, that what they like best. They can then use them in the vending machines to get snacks or pop.
Kim 11th Jul 2017
We buy small notebooks and pens, small soft pack tissues, key rings, photo frames, face washers, hankies, nice soaps, hand creams, chocolates, mugs and drink bottles, quiz books, magnets for fridge, shopping lists pads, novelty note pads, playing cards, uno. I usually go to our cheap shop ($2 shop etc) and look out for bargains at the supermarkets and reduced price items on clearance and stock up.
Lydia 12th Jul 2017 Program Director
I've seen a BINGO trophy (or make one) that the winner gets to keep until the next game, make it a big deal- take a picture, keep track of how many times they have had it, decorate their lunch table or walker as BINGO Champ!
My residents pick their own prize and sometime I end up with prizes they don't want.
I play brown bag bingo- at the end of the month for prizes I just cant get rid of!
I put prize in small brown bag (think lunch bag) the residents think its fun when someone gets a roll of toilet paper vs. 5 small candy bars.

Lydia 13th Jul 2017 Nurse
Also you can find great deals on ebay, even some sites that might have another use (ie wedding sites that sell bombonierre and other things) and you can get some good prices on bulk items.
Margaret 14th Jul 2017
We have run a number of theme days to celebrate the Royal Easter Show at our day centre. Facebook buy swap and sell sites are a great source for stuffed toys. Ive been given heaps of good quality ones for free. Especially if you say what you're doing with them.
Deborah 16th Jul 2017 LON Home Caregiver
This wasn't the topic I enquired of, but your ideas are great for my situation! Happy dance!
Darla 11th Aug 2017 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Good Morning Sarah,
I approached our local grocery store near facility and asked for donation. The grocery loaded gift cards worth $5 each. For a blackout BINGO, we gave one card. As many of our clients are Day Program Seniors, and some residents, the people benefitted as well as the grocery store. This means that the seniors living in community would shop with this grocery.

A CHEERS in the local paper thanking the grocery store for their kind donation and an invitation to our Volunteer luncheon also expressed gratitude and appreciation.


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