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Sunya 5th Aug 2017 Activity Director
First of all let me start by saying I really enjoy Golden Carers. This is the best website I have found. I have a resident who wanders. He will not sit still. I have tried everything to get him involved. I sat and talked to him he said he used to fish when he was a teen. My DON And Administrator have asked me what else can I do for him. I have talked to his daughter she says he really wasn't active. Do anyone have any ideas?
Susan 7th Aug 2017 Activity Director
This is a tough question
First is this person and independent ambulator
Because having him walk up and down the halls may be the best thing for him if he is safe to do it on his own or if someone can walk with him and tire him out
Some people just like to move
Does he like to fidget with things because there are number of fidget devices that you could give him as long as they're safe and he will not try to eat them
Maybe you can have him peel oranges
Is he a leader
Would he like to sand wooden items and then paint them
Would he like to polish something
Does he like music if so what kind you could make him a special CD he could play or if do you have an old iPod you could put this kind of music on it with headphones for him to use
Let me know if these ideas are useful and if you can give me some more information about this person
Kim 8th Aug 2017 Registered Nurse
Hi Susan, can he do watering in an enclosed garden area. Is your area a secure area , if so then wandering won't hurt him. Try him on sorting items , socks, beads, pasta shapes. Would he do colouring as there are so many adult colouring books available.
Cathy 8th Aug 2017
If he likes to wander and doesn't like to do much perhaps you can put up different pictures on a wall for him to stop and look at ( change each day or week). Fishing themed, scenery etc. Try a memory box of fishing items or fishing magazines. Ask him to help push a trolley or sweep.
Amanda 9th Aug 2017 Diversional Therapist
My husband brought in a lawn mower - minus the blades - and two of our men love mowing the lawn.

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